Routine CarePUI-Patients awaiting results of COVID testing
Routine CarePositive COVID test
Routine CareHigh suspicion of COVID despite negative test
AGP / High Risk AGPHigh flow nasal cannula
AGP / High Risk AGPHigh flow/closed face mask (e.g., Venturi mask, cold steam, aerosol) with O2 flow rates <15 l/min
AGP / High Risk AGPNon-invasive ventilation (BIPAP/CPAP)
AGP / High Risk AGPSputum induction
AGP / High Risk AGPNebulized medications
AGP / High Risk AGPTracheostomy inner cannula changes
AGP / High Risk AGPOpen suctioning
AGP / High Risk AGPCPR
AGP / High Risk AGPBag mask ventilation
AGP / High Risk AGPIntubation
AGP / High Risk AGPExtubation
AGP / High Risk AGPBronchoscopy
AGP / High Risk AGPDysphagia evaluation
AGP / High Risk AGPPulmonary function testing
AGP / High Risk AGPCardiac stress test
Routine CareSupplemental Oxygen
Routine CareNon-invasive ventilation (BIPAP/CPAP)
Routine CareNebulized medications
Routine CareRoutine trach care
Routine CareOpen suctioning
Routine CarePT/OT
Routine CareExhaled nitric oxide
Routine CareSecond stage of labor
Routine CareTranspleural procedures without significant risk of a pressurized air leak
Routine CareAny other surgery, including: pain, urologic, laparoscopic, cardiac
AGPSputum induction
AGPPlacement of feeding or gastric tube (e.g., NG, OG, PEG)
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