Folder: Other Documents
Other Documents5/7/2021 12:42 PMCampbell, IsmailYes
2) TeleHealth Med Surg Inpatient Workflow.pdf
TeleHealth Med Surg Inpatient Workflow5/18/2021 10:43 AMDecapua, MarkNo
3) TeleHealth Documentation & Charge Capture.pdf
TeleHealth Documentation & Charge Capture5/3/2021 2:23 PMDecapua, MarkNo
6) Cleaning Your Computer and Mobile Devices - March 2020.pdf
TeleHealth Cleaning Your Computer and Mobile Devices5/11/2021 3:53 PMDecapua, MarkNo
8) TeleHealth Cart Hardware Guide.pptx
TeleHealth Cart Hardware Guide5/18/2021 10:31 AMDecapua, MarkNo
9) Peds-Consult Video Visits - Consultant Workflow.pdf
Peds-Consult Video Visits - Consultant Workflow6/1/2021 9:45 AMDecapua, MarkNo
Ipad accessories.pptx
Telehealth iPad Accessories5/11/2021 9:39 AMDecapua, MarkNo
Pediatric Department InTouch - Teladoc Provider Tip Sheet.pdf
Peds - Consult Video Visits - Teladoc Provider Tip Sheet5/11/2021 9:45 AMDecapua, MarkNo
Peds-Consult Video Visits - Ordering Worfklow.pdf
Peds - Consult Video Visits - Ordering Workflow4/23/2021 11:19 AMCamputaro, KatieNo